Apr 19, 2014

Pyrgos on Holy Friday

The village of Pyrgos is the most popular village of the island on Holy Friiday, and you can well guess why. The Eastern customs dating back many decades are still vivil and attract thousands of visitors easch year, the most important one being the lightening of the tin cans aroung the picturesque village.
This traditions probably derives form the years without electricity, when the Procession of the Epitaph, a Holy Friday ritual, followed the lit tin cans which led from the village to the Monastery of Prophet Elias on the top of the mountain.
In recent years, the procession is limited on the outskirts and inside the village, providing an excellent opportunity to the village children to simultaneously light the tin cans on the roofs and terraces of the houses and churches. Τhis is a spectacular sight, especially when viewed from far! (photo by Santofriend Vaggelis)