Apr 5, 2014

Santorini Wine

Undoubtedly, the Santorini vineyard and wine have the supremacy among the popular local products. The particular island morphology, the porous volcanic rocks, the Aegean winds, the lack of rain, the intense humidity and strong sun are responsible for the small quantities but characteristic flavor, intense aroma and excellent quality of the local wine.

The cultivation of vines dates back in ancient times. The island visitor observes in surprise the "baskets", the shape taken on the vines, when the farmer, in an effort to protect the plants from the harsh wind and water scarcity, weaves, even today, the branches low on the ground and avoids giving them sheight. This technique, combined with the poor soil, actually protected  the vineyards of Santorini from phylloxeraThe most common variety of the island is Assyrtiko ( PDO ), which is slowly but steadily conquering the international oenological community . Equally impressive wines are nihteri ( PDO ), aidani, athiri, while mandilaria and mavrotragano are the red varieties . The sweet wines of Santorini, mezzo and the famous vinsanto ( PDO ) will of course be an unforgettable experience to the visitor!Visitors should take a tour on the wineries of the island to get acquainted with the techniques of cultivation, storage and ripening of wine and enjoy the amazing varieties offered .Cheers !